Danny’s knowledge of fiddle playing rests on a deep and unique family store of traditional tunes, versions, and musical style. Rooted in the traditions of the north of Ireland, Donegal in particular, his playing also carries influences from Sligo, Clare and Sliabh Luachra fiddle music, as well as the Irish uilleann pipes and accordion traditions.

Expanding from this grounding in Irish music, Danny has incorporated influences from Nordic folk music, American old-time fiddling, classical violin, and beyond, including extensive use of alternative tunings, composition of new fiddle music, and in-depth study of the fundamentals of violin technique (posture, bow hold and upper body mechanics).

This background in musical practice is reinforced by a broad knowledge of the history and contexts of Irish traditional music, gained through 10 years working as a music archivist with the Irish Traditional Music Archive in Dublin, Ireland.

Classes focus on repertoire as a launching point for further in-depth study of subject areas including: rhythm; ornamentation; bowing; fundamental instrumental technique; composition; alternative tunings; arrangement and performance; and the history & cultural context of Irish traditional music.

Currently Danny teaches locally through the Center for Irish Music in Saint Paul, MN, and online via Skype/Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp. For info and rates please contact Danny directly here.

In the past he has taught and lectured on Irish fiddle music at institutions/events including: The Irish Traditional Music Archive; The Willie Clancy Summer School; The Irish World Academy of Music and Dance at University of Limerick; North Atlantic Fiddle Convention; O’Flaherty Irish Music Retreat, Texas; Northrop, University of Minnesota; Temple Bar Tradfest; Baltimore Fiddle Fair; and many more.