Past Projects

Swan Lake / Loch na hEala (dance theatre)

Danny Diamond & Aki in Swan Lake

In 2016 Danny collaborated with his then-bandmates in Slow Moving Clouds to create an original score for Teac Damsa’s Swan Lake / Loch nahEala. Danny has performed live with the touring Swan Lake company since it’s premiere at the 2016 Dublin Theatre Festival.

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Slow Moving Clouds (band)

SLOW MOVING CLOUDS are a band based in Dublin, Ireland. They bring together roots in the Irish and Nordic folk traditions with post-punk drones, baroque strings, and soaring falsetto vocals – creating an immersive, atmospheric sound unlike anything you’ve heard before.

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Mórga (band)

Morga CD Cover 2013

Energy, passion, fun and respect are the four words that sum up the musical mission statement behind Mórga. Four friends, four virtuoso musicians, on a mission to bring together the wild energy of the Irish-American dance bands of the roaring ’20s, the sound of the Irish traditional music revival of of the 1970s, and the excitement of the best pub session imaginable.

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Fiddle Music (solo)

Danny DIamond album cover

Fiddle Music is the debut solo album from Dublin fiddle player Danny Diamond (Mórga, Slow Moving Clouds). On Fiddle Music Diamond combines traditional music inspired by legendary Irish fiddlers such as Tommie Potts and Seán Keane with influences from Nordic and American folk music, all set to unique drone-based accompaniment.

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Elbow Room (solo)

Elbow Room showcases ten fiddle solos, split between new compositions and solo arrangements of traditional tunes. Diamond’s music draws deeply on the rich lineage of Irish traditional music for inspiration, while in parallel reaching out to find new connections with other art forms. “Seldom does a musician utterly inhabit a tradition while still expressing him or herself with such originality” – Siobhán Long, The Irish Times.

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What To Bring When We Leave (poetry/music)

what to bring

A collaborative commission, culminating in a unique continuous live performance by Tom French (word) and Danny Diamond (fiddle).

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The Long Road to Glenties (film)

In 1964 Pete Seeger travelled with his family to the remote Bluestacks mountains of Co. Donegal to spend a single day in the company of elusive folk music legend John Doherty. Now, 50 years on, in The Long Road to Glenties, a presentation by Danny Diamond and Conor Caldwell, archival film footage of the meeting is revealed for the first time.

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